vendredi 29 juin 2007

vendredi 1 juin 2007

Young pilgrim. Rameswaram

Doing the pilgrimage with her father; will be a great remind for her, for sure.

lundi 21 mai 2007

Colours. Gingee

Seller on the market.

mardi 24 avril 2007

Tika. Rameswaram

She lives in the poorest area of Rameswaram...she is already a mother.

lundi 16 avril 2007

Eyes. kumbakonam

The black dot is to get the evil away from the girl.

jeudi 15 mars 2007

vendredi 9 mars 2007

dimanche 25 février 2007

Eyes. Malallapuram

At the bus stand.

Sorrow. Mamallapuram

She is in the bus, but her mother not...

dimanche 14 janvier 2007

samedi 13 janvier 2007

jeudi 11 janvier 2007