mercredi 27 décembre 2006

Young pilgrim. Rameswaram

With the Shiva collar, he is doing the pilgrimage with his father, he is actually on the pilgim beach, Ramaswaram, the southern Varanasi.

jeudi 7 décembre 2006

Blue portrait. Mysore

Elle vend des bananes et a toujours réussi à m'en vendre à chaque fois que je venais au marché!

dimanche 3 décembre 2006

A nice girl. Old Munnar

I met her during a funeral ceremony in a very little village:

jeudi 30 novembre 2006

mercredi 29 novembre 2006

Picker. Kumily

Picking up is ended...

Laughing picker. Kumily

After the picking of tea leaves , a lot of fun.

Smiling pause. Kumily

After the pick up of the tea leaves, a smiling pause...

Smiling. Hampi

In the temple, not a carving on the pilar, but a real face ...

lundi 27 novembre 2006

Pearls. Allanganalur.

During the race, after amoment I rather liked to walk in the village...this little girl fights her unquiet feeling by taking her collar in the mouth and holding the father's hands on her shoulders.
A visit like mine is so unusual...but a moment after, the collar is not necessary and then the father's hands; just let the time make the things...

Smile. Madurai.

she came to me, very curious and searching for connection, a nice little girl...

samedi 25 novembre 2006

vendredi 24 novembre 2006

Ayappa. Madurai

Pilgrim going to Sabarimala, Kerala; they bring offering on their head, in a kind of bag.

jeudi 23 novembre 2006

Hair combing. Rameswaram

Are you happy? Rameswaram

It's the first thing he asked me...he was, for sure to be here and to do this pilgrimage with his two friends.
A nice guy...

Teeth, fingers and eyes. Chennai

In the night, the river flood invaded the houses again, some of them are gone with the water, no roof anymore for some families.
However, so welcoming!

Mona Lisa. Chennai

She was carrying bricks on her head in a small street, I was passing by, some meters after, amazed by her beauty, I came back...she asked me to make a portrait of her.
She feeled that she had impressed me, I guess...

Violet. Gingee

School is finished...

Copper. Gingee

The daughter of the blacksmith, very kind girl, on the left, the cauldron for tea his father is working on.

Little bird. Gingee

I spent 4 days in Gingee, hoping the end of the rain.I used to go at the bus stand, very crowdy in this village, expecting for shot opportunities.This little girl belongs to a gipsy orphan group who stays all along the day in the bus stand for begging.I never give money to kids, so the first time she came to me, maybe she have been disapointed, but quickly she showed big interest to my camera.I took a snap and showed her the LCD screen.Joyfullness.All along theese 4 days, she came to me, in the crowd, from time to time;sometimes alone, sometimes with another sister or friends, never to ask for money.I felt her little hand pulling my tee shirt, and she was here asking for a new portrait, looking at me in her own way, half interrogative, half curiosity.And, after looking at the screen, she flew away, like a little bird...until the next time.After leaving Gingee, I miss her some days, even today writing this note...ISO 400


A big problem with a little stone, have to stoop and take it off.


Preparing herself some hours before, she will begg in front of the temple with the Shiva's trishull through her tongue; it's a rare moment: Vishnu will go out of his temple, as he does once a year.

mercredi 22 novembre 2006

Thinking. Madurai

In her thoughts, after the praying...

Father's beard. Madurai

another father, his daughter seems to enjoy the pilgrimage, and...the father's beard is nice to touch!...

Fatherhood. Madurai

A father with her daughter doing the pilgrimage, it seems to be a good moment!

Her friend. Madurai

Her friend did not stop working...

Worker. Madurai

She carries bricks on her head, and liked her portrait...

Watching. Madurai

Watching to the street life, that is how he spends his time...

lundi 20 novembre 2006

Brahmane. Chidanbaram

A special ceremony tonight, for the full moon ; he is one of the Shiva Nataraja temple.